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Sedation Dentistry CE Course Online

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Online Dental Sedation CE Courses  
The following courses are currently availble through our online continuing education portal.
More courses will be available soon!
These online sedation CE courses are utilized by dentists to meet the requirements for sedation and anesthesia permit renewals.
Courses are also appropriate for Dental Assistant Sedation Monitoring and Training. Dental Sedation and anesthesia assistant courses. 
CSCOnlineCECultureofSafetyCulture of Safety Duration 1hr 00m
Introduction to preparing the provider, staff and environment for the implementation of safe procedural sedation in the out patient setting.
by Dr. Steve Woodring, board certified anesthesiologist
CSCOnlineCEPatientAssessmentPatient Assessment Duration 1h 00m
This module will cover basic patient assessment skills, including medical history taking, physical examniations, ASA PS classification and patient selection.
by Dr. Steve Woodring
CSCOnlineCESedationSedation Duration 1h 00m
Introduction to the physiology of sedation administration and review of commonly used sedative agents.
by Steve Woodring
Pt Monitoring Slide
 Patient Monitoring Duration 1 hr 00 m
This module will cover basic sedated patient monitoring of vital signs, including ventilation, oxygenation, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and temperature.
 By Dr. Steve Woodring
CSCOnlineCEPainPain Duration 1hr 00m
Introduction to the physiology of pain and review of common analgesic agents used
for procedural sedation.
by Dr. Steve Woodring, board certified anesthesiologist
Recovery Slide
 Recovery and Discharge Duration 1hr 00m
 This module covers the recovery and discharge criteria of patients following procedural sedation in the outpatient setting.
 By Dr. Steve Woodring
Local Anesthesia Administration Dosage  Calculations
 Local Anesthesia Dosage and Calculations Duration 1hr 00m
This e-learing course focuses on local anesthetic dosing, maximum recommended dosing, and reviews calculations of maximum recommended dosages. This course briefly reviews the role of local anesthetics and local anesthetic overdose.
 by Mana Saraghi, DMD, Dentist Anesthesiologist
Additonal Continuing Education Online Courses for Dentists
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Course
 Wisdom Teeth Extracton, Evidence based early removal Duration 1 hr 00 mn
Learn evidence based wisdom teeth removal, rationale, technique and management.
by Raul Malya, DDS
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