What is a sedation consult?

Based on years of experience and in depth understanding of current rules and regulations, we assess your facilities sedation needs and collaborate with you to develop a safe and beneficial sedation program. Accrediting agency standards and state regulations vary widely and can be difficult to navigate, we have developed a comprehensive database of information to help you understand  these variances and assist  in “Creating a Culture of Safety” within your organization. Providing your patients with safe, effective sedation services can help your practice grow and thrive. These onsite sedation consults are done at your facility for the entire sedation team and can help you prepare for an anesthesia or sedation evaluation or inspection from the state medical or dental board.

  • Procedure room design and setup
  • Patient flow efficiency
  • Anesthesia Risk management
  • Anesthesia / Sedation Equipment acquisition, installation and training
  •  Sedation Certification, education and training
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Medicare certification
  • National Accrediting body preparation
  • State Board Inspection preparation and mock inspections
  • Site Specific Policy and Procedure development
  • Continuing education on the administration of procedural sedation
  • Obtaining and maintaining of  sedation staff credentials
  • Maximizing sedation revenue
  • Anesthesia Case evaluation and review services

For information on an onsite sedation consult

Medical Facility Onsite Sedation Consult

Dental Facility Onsite Sedation Consult

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