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Completing dental school in 2014, IV sedation was brought up in passing during my four years at NYUCD, just like dealing with the sinus. Ultimately, the suggestion was that both should be avoided. Nearing the end of this course, I discovered that IV sedation when applied properly can help those patients that I knew I could not help in years past. Just six months ago, patients with periodic epileptic events would make me very nervous. Learning that benzodiazepines and Versed in particular can not just stop an occurring seizure, but prevent one in the first place.

Through out this course, I confirmed that continuing education and our ability to access and filter information is key in staying ahead of the game which ultimately will help grow our practice and better serve our patients. When I graduated in 2014, I felt as if I was bursting with knowledge and just needed to gain experience. Dentistry in my life evolved into a true passion over the years. I find that my biggest take away from this course is the constant need for learning which in turn will help to better our craft and to more comfortably/safely treat our patients with everything we learned here in this course and many more to come in the future.

Alex L. DDS


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