Sedation Certification or staff credentialing & competency programs are available  for facilities who provide sedation services.
It allows for managers or administrators of health care facilities to effectively provide privileging and credentialing of non-anesthesia health care personnel involved in the administration of sedation and analgesia services. 

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Online Sedation Certification Program Overview
Standardizes the educational and approval process for non-anesthesiologists who administer moderate sedation; Automates the administrative tasks associated with approving non-anesthesiologists who administer moderate sedation;

  • Provides a secure, search-able, database that allows administrators immediate access to determine if a non-anesthesiologist is approved to administer moderate sedation and when that approval expires: this database can be searched by name, facility, profession (MD, RN, other), department, procedure area or any other predetermined criteria;
  • Can be fully customized with your organization’s Policy & Procedure, different post-test questions, and anything else your organization needs to achieve your goals with the product;
  • Meets and exceeds current applicable Joint Commission standards.

How It Works

This program is designed to be incorporated into the approval process for non-anesthesiologists who provide moderate sedation in a variety of health-care settings. It is accredited for Continuing Medical Education(CME) credit.  Certificates are automatically generated and links to these certificates are e-mailed to participants and accessible to administrators 24 / 7 / 365.

Program tracks participants’ progress through the course, allows them to log out and subsequently log back in without losing their place, tests their expertise on the subject matter, asks them to complete a compliance statement that they’ve reviewed the course and accompanying materials, and to evaluate the course to then receive CME credit while allowing administrators to evaluate how successfully program is being implemented in their organization.

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