Sedation standards are principles or processes that, in the opinion of recognized experts, accrediting bodies, or specialty organizations, are essential components of patient care. The degree of care an ordinary, reasonable, and prudent person would exercise in given circumstances. In legal terms, it is how similarly qualified practitioners would manage the patient’s care under the same or similar circumstances. In a practical sense for sedation, standard of care does not vary according to the type of practitioner, or the type of facility that provides the care.

Sedation certification or staff credentialing services are offered in the following formats.

Online: We have an Online Sedation Continuing Education – CE program. For details Sedation CE Course Online

Live Seminars: Held nationally, for dates and locations Sedation Seminar Dates and locations

Onsite Consults: We come to your facility and provide a continuing education program· or credentialing services for the entire staff. Programs are custom tailored to the types of procedures and sedatives you are using or wish to use.

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