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Sedation certification or staff credentialing services are offered in the following formats.          sedation cert. logo           

Online: We have an 8 hour competency based Sedation Continuing Education (CE) program for Registered Nurses and Dental Assistants to obtain Moderate Sedation Certification. Sedation CE Course Online

Dental Sedation Continuing Education. Dentists who need CE for Sedation Permit RenewalsDental Sedation CE Courses Online

Live Seminars: Held nationally, for dates and locations Sedation Seminar Dates and locations

Onsite Sedation Consult: We come to your facility and provide a continuing education program  or credentialing services for the entire staff. Programs are custom tailored to the types of procedures and sedatives you are using or wish to use. Onsite Sedation Credentialing and Sedation Certification Programs

Certification is a process a provider undergoes to gain and document competency in conscious or moderate sedation. This may include didactic lectures, clinical training, clinical simulation, written examinations, oral examinations, reading of appropriate clinical literature, group discussions and observations of actual practice.

After successful completion the practitioner receives a certificate documenting completion of some or all parts of the process leading to qualification in the administration of conscious sedation. Certification is provided by organizations with qualifications and experience in the administration of conscious sedation. Conscious Sedation Consulting is the nations leading continuing education provider to medicine and dentistry and provides its certification based on the academic and clinical experience of the faculty, the course content, and a written examination to document comprehension of materials covered.

Accrediting bodies and specialty societies issue guidelines and standards to which a prudent provider should adhere. For example The Joint Commision on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations – JCAHO defines qualifications for Registered Nurses, RN’s as follows:

  1. The registered nurse is allowed by state law and institutional policy to administer sedation and analgesia.
  2. The health care facility shall have in place an educational/credentialing mechanism which includes a process for evaluating and documenting the individual’s competency relating to the management of patients receiving sedation and analgesia. Evaluation and documentation occur on a periodic basis.
  3. The registered nurse managing and monitoring the care of patients receiving sedation and analgesia is able to:
  • Demonstrate the acquired knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, cardiac arrhythmia recognition and complications related to sedation and analgesia sedation and medications.
  • Assess the total patient care requirements before and during the administration of sedation and analgesia, including the recovery phase.
  • Understand the principles of oxygen delivery, transport and uptake, respiratory physiology, as well as understand and use oxygen delivery devices.
  • Recognize potential complications of sedation and analgesia sedation for each type of agent being administered.
  • Posses the competency to assess, diagnose, and intervene in the event of complications and institute appropriate interventions in compliance with orders or institutional protocols.
  • Demonstrate competency, through ACLS or PCLS, in airway management and resuscitation appropriate to the age of the patient.
  • The registered nurse administering sedation and analgesia understands the legal ramifications of providing this care and maintains appropriate liability insurance. 

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